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Top 20 Universities in Tanzania (2022/2023)


If you’re looking for Top 20 universities in Tanzania based on the world ranking, below is the list of best Tanzanian Universities and their world ranking. The following 20 universities in Tanzania have the best reputation globally and have also been ranked among the world’s top tertiary education educational institutes.

Top 20 universities in Tanzania 2022/2023



1. University of Dar Es Salaam World Rank: 2021
2. Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences World Rank: 2520
3. Sokoine University of Agriculture World Rank:3877
4. University of Dodoma World Rank: 4896
5. Mzumbe University World Rank: 5226
6. Open University of Tanzania World Rank: 5398
7. Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (Weill Bugando University College) World Rank: 6037
8. Mkwawa University College of Education World Rank: 6150
9. Ardhi University World Rank: 6427
10. University of Iringa World Rank: 7731
11. Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science & Technology World Rank: 8412
12. Institute of Rural Development Planning World Rank: 9000
13. State University of Zanzibar World Rank: 9745
14. Hubert Kairuki Memorial University World Rank: 10162
15. St Joseph University in Tanzania World Rank: 11260
16. Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology World Rank: 11466
17. Kampala International University World Rank: 12006
18. Sumait University World Rank: 12463
19. Institute of Finance Management World Rank: 13253
20. Saint Augustine University of Tanzania World Rank: 13330

What is the number 1 university in Africa?

University of Cape Town, It has been ranked the number one university in Africa and has a global score of 109, as per US best colleges ranking


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