Smartphone Shipments Declined By 9% in Q3 (2022)


According to Canalys, Global smartphone shipments declined by 9% in Q3 2022. A combination of decreased consumer spending and economic uncertainty led the smartphone market to its worst quarterly result since Q3 2014.

Smartphone Shipments Declined By 9% in Q3 (2022) 1

Below is worldwide smartphone shipment share by top vendors, Canalys Preliminary Smartphone Market Pulse: Q3 2022

Vendor Q3 2022 market share Q3 2021 market share
Samsung 22% 21%
Apple 18% 15%
Xiaomi 14% 14%
Oppo 10% 11%
vivo 9% 11%
Others 27% 28%
Notes: percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding Source: Canalys estimates (sell-in shipments), October 2022

Samsung retained its leading spot with a 22% market share thanks to big promotions on stock phones which helped reduce built-up inventory. Apple came in second place with an 18% market share and the only top-five vendor to experience positive yearly growth. Xiaomi came in third place with a 14% share followed by Oppo with 10% and vivo with 9% respectively.

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