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Gold Price in Tanzania Per Ounce


If you’re looking for gold price in Tanzania this article is for you. According to statista website, Tanzania is among top 10 largest gold producer in Africa after Ghana, South Africa, Sudan, Mali and Democratic Republic of The Congo.

Gold Price in Tanzania

Tanzania Gold Mines Production in 2020

Tanzania’s gold reserves are estimated at about 47 million ounces and Tanzania’s gold production in Tanzania stands at around 50t per year.

Gold Price in Tanzania (Daily Updated)

The price of gold in Tanzania can fluctuate based on various factors such as global demand, supply and domestic economic conditions. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the current state of the gold price in Tanzania. Below you can find (chart) gold price in Tanzania per ounce, the price is daily updated by

Gold Historical Price in Tanzania

A gold historical prices chart is a useful chart provide valuable insight into the performance of the gold in Tanzania over time. You can specified the date where you want to check gold price history start from 10 years ago to 5 days ago.

Gold Price in Tanzania FAQs

Who is the largest gold producer in Africa

Currently, the leading African gold producing country and sixth in the world is Ghana, with the country's gold production amounting to a total of 117.6 tons in 2021, South Africa was the second-largest gold mining country in the continent.

What is the current annual gold production rate in Tanzania

According to International Trade Administration, Tanzanian Gold production currently stands at roughly 40 tonnes a year.

What is a Biggest gold mine in tanzania

Geita open-pit gold mine is located 80km south-west of Mwanza, north-western Tanzania, and is 100% owned by AngloGold Ashanti. It is the biggest of the group's eight open-pit mines in Africa and is its only operation in Tanzania.

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